Journey to Yes 19-25

As more Scots who voted No to independence reconsider their decision, we follow their journey to Yes and self-determination for Scotland.


Journey to Yes #19 - Bryce

Bryce says Yes. Bryce believes true independence for Scotland can only be achieved for with a commitment to abolish the British monarchy who he sees as an unaccountable and undemocratic institution that isn't fit for the purposes of a modern progressive society. The breaking Paradise Papers scandal that exposes the questionable financial practices of Prince Charles and The Queen only serves to underline the point.

Bryce is also one of approximately 60 thousand people living with autism in Scotland and his experience has left him disgusted with the inhumane Tory welfare reforms. Bryce backed Brexit but is open to a reformed Europe and believes Scotland should decide on its relationship with the EU after independence. Some may remember Bryce from his appearance on the BBC Scottish Leaders Debate during GE17 which bizarrely focussed on devolved and constitutional issues rather than the Brexit issue which triggered it. He gives his impressions of the show and his memorable encounter with Ruth Davidson. 

Bryce is a member of Republic UK.


Journey to Yes #20 - Nina and Craig

North-East England voted emphatically to leave the European Union despite being a region that benefits most from EU trade and funding. The Brexit vote also triggered a rise in anti-immigrant attitudes and rethink for specialist nurses Nina and Craig about where to spend their future.

Nina, a Danish EU National, and Craig were deeply impressed by the Scotland's pro-EU values and they decided to move north. Nina and Craig reflect on the damaging impact of Brexit on the NHS, the 'Great British' brand, anti-English Scots and why Scotland must now break free of the union to remain a prosperous, open and independent nation in the EU.

Journey to Yes #21 - Ashley Graczyk

Ashley Graczyk serves the Sighthill and Gorgie Ward and is Edinburgh’s first profoundly deaf Councillor. Ashley’s experience fuelled her interest in disability rights and then politics as she was swept up in Scotland’s independence debate during which she campaigned for No and the status quo. Ashley’s interest in politics continued and she went on to win the Sighthill and Gorgie Ward in 2017 as a Scottish Conservative hoping to influence policies affecting the most vulnerable.

Journey to Yes #22 - Clive Ponting

Clive Ponting says Yes. Clive Ponting is the original British whistleblower. Long before Assange and Snowden, Ponting leaked details of a cover-up that shook the British political establishment. Working as a senior civil servant at the heart of power, Clive Ponting grew increasingly uneasy by what he witnessed. The Belgrano affair was the final straw and Ponting's leaking of documents to MPs sparked a scandal that would lead to his arrest, trial and eventual aquittal. Clive went on to pen books on the affair, an insider's view of Whitehall and is the acclaimed author of works on the green history of the world and deconstructing the myth of Churchill.

Journey to Yes #23 - Jenny Constable

Jenny says Yes. Jenny Constable is a freelance journalist from Glasgow and a very British family with members from Scotland, England and Ireland. As part of the ‘Scottish Devolution Generation’, Jenny grew up in a Scotland with devolved powers and that valued its place in Europe. Jenny supported Better Together in 2014 believing it would secure more powers and Scotland’s place in the EU. As the Tory UK Govt drags us out of Europe and centralises powers to Westminster, Scotland’s devolved settlement and its place in the EU face a very real and imminent threat. Jenny feels the past two years have revealed England and Scotland as very different countries with distinct cultures and ambitions. Any worries Jenny has about Scotland going its own way are very much outweighed by the dangers of staying in Britain. Independence offers a brighter future for all.




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